About Two & Fro

Two and Fro is the collaborative effort of two highly respected DJs.
Two and Fro represent the collaboration of two illustrious DJs, Tom Upton and Mark Masters, each boasting a remarkable career spanning over 25 years within the music industry. With their combined expertise and unwavering passion, they have crafted a sonic journey that captivates audiences around the world.

Their artistry has graced renowned platforms, ranging from esteemed international radio shows to electrifying festival stages. Two and Fro’s music resonates with listeners on a global scale, drawing them into a realm of infectious beats and immersive melodies.

Throughout their illustrious career, Tom Upton and Mark Master’s have left an indelible mark on the UK’s vibrant dance scene, igniting dance floors with their magnetic performances. From iconic venues like Pacha, SE1, Ministry of Sound, and Egg, to intimate hotspots such as Essence, Indigo, Barcadia, and Junk Club.

Their journey has been adorned with unforgettable moments as they have shared stages with esteemed artists who have shaped the industry. From supporting luminaries like Seb Fontaine, Charlie Hedges, Danny Rampling, Justin Wilkes, Wez Clarke, Alex P, and Brandon Block, Tom Upton and Mark Masters have demonstrated their unwavering commitment to championing musical excellence and supporting their peers.

With a vast array of accomplishments under their belt, Two and Fro’s illustrious journey continues to unfold!

We may not be spring chickens, but we sure know how to rock a dance floor!